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A modern retelling of the "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, John Cho, and Richard Cetrone. It follows Ichabod Crane who wakes up in 2040 in the place called Sleepy Hollow after he dies from a mission for George Washington in the 1970, as he partners with local female sheriff to solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil. They are off to hunt the horseman despite the local see Ichabod as crazy guy but reliable in hunting them.
Premiere Date: Sep/16/2013

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Most Recent Episodes

Sleepy Hollow season 2 episode 12Season 2, Episode 12: Paradise Lost
Reeling from the events of their standoff with Moloch, Ichabod and Abbie encounter an angel, Orion, that they believe can help them. Meanwhile, Katrina searches for the humanity in Abraham....

Air Date: Jan 05, 2015
Sleepy Hollow season 2 episode 13Season 2, Episode 13: Pittura Infamante
After the mysterious death of an art restorer at the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society Soiree, Ichabod and Katrina are reminded of a dear friend from their past--Abigail Adams. Meanwhile, Abbie is shocked by someone's visit to the police precinct,...

Air Date: Jan 19, 2015
Sleepy Hollow season 2 episode 14Season 2, Episode 14: Kali Yuga
With the help of Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny, Nick Hawley faces off against his evil childhood caretaker, and Captain Frank Irving adjusts to his new... life (?)....

Air Date: Jan 26, 2015

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