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Series Description
A romantic drama series that stars Andie MacDowell, Bruce Boxleitner, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Barbara Niven, Corey Sevier and Paula Shaw. It centers with the professional and life of Olivia Lockhart in the Cedar Cove Municipal Court as she try to balance her career with family and finding love.
Premiere Date: Jul/20/2013
Genre: Drama

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Most Recent Episodes

Season 2, Episode 4: Old Wounds
Olivia wants Grace to confront her ex about their messy divorce. Justine meets someone troubled, who fought in the war and has a secret....

Air Date: Aug 09, 2014
Season 2, Episode 5: Starting Over: Part One
Olivia attempts to assist Grace as she faces her ex-husband in court. Justine is feeling overwhelmed after she helps her new friend start again....

Air Date: Aug 16, 2014

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