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8:30 pm on CBS2 Broke Girls Season 5, Episode 3: And The Maybe Baby

Caroline wonders if she made a mistake when she sees how much he supports his fiancé's career....

9:00 pm on The CWThe Originals Season 3, Episode 8: The Other Girl in New Orleans

After learning that Cami's life is in danger and Aurora may be to blame, Klaus is forced to engage in another one of her devious games and follow...

9:00 pm on SyFyHaven Season 5, Episode 22: A Matter of Time

Audrey and Duke search for a way to save Nathan from the Void; at the same time, Dave must plumb the depths of his own mind in his struggle to free hi...

10:00 pm on CBSElementary Season 4, Episode 4: All My Exes Live in Essex

When Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a fertility lab technician, they discover the woman had a secret personal life that leads them to m...

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